The Mark Jermin Stage School is Wales’ Leading part-time training establishment for young performers with a growing audience across the whole of the UK via its additional online courses. With multiple training centres across South Wales and Surrey, the training offered is exceptional in all disciplines and students attend for personal development as well as pathing their own careers from an early age. The amount of student success and unlimited unique performance opportunities and professional experiences each student has access to whilst part of the MJ family, makes the Mark Jermin Stage School a stand-out creative centre.
The school was founded by Mark Jermin in 1996 in Swansea, South Wales and has grown and developed to be a well established school offering outstanding training in the performing arts for children and young adults as well as creating a springboard for youngsters in the world of entertainment. The schools prides itself on giving young people expert teaching, building their confidence whilst having fun and offering excellent performance opportunities and amazing, unlimited, unique experiences.

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